Frequently Asked Questions

How much is camp ?

Camp is $900 for the one week session June 21-27, 2015. This includes room and board, instruction and equipment.

My child uses a power chair, are there any activities for him/her?

Yes. No matter what type of chair your child uses they are included in most of the sports. If able, we encourage the use of manual chairs to maximize the physical development. Loaner sports chairs are available for the week.

My child uses crutches, can they participate?

Yes. We strongly encourage that they use our loaner sports chairs for safety and full participation in the sports.

My child is non-verbal, are there any activities for him/her?s


My child has development disabilities, can they be included in camp?

No. Ability First is a sports camp for children with physical disabilities.

My child uses a ventilator, can you accommodate?

If your child uses specialized equipment for breathing, you must provide an operator for the equipment.

Is there someone trained to administer his/her bowel/bladder program.

Yes, there are three 24-hour nurses on site at all times to help with these issues.

My child takes medication, are there trained personnel to administer their medicine?

Yes, there are three 24-hour nurses on site to help with the medication of campers.

My child can't swim; can they participate in the water activities?

All campers are tested for water safety prior to participating in water activities. If they do not pass the water safety test, they cannot participate in the water activities.

I live nearby, can my child come home at night?

We strongly encourage all campers to stay overnight to get the “complete camp experience”.

Can I visit my child during the week?

There are designated times when parents can visit the campers. More info will be available in your camper packet.

Can I stay with my child?

No. The camp is designed for children to learn independence.

Can my child bring their cell phone to camp and use it?

Yes, but campers can only use their cell phone at designated times.

Should my child bring their own sports equipment if they have it?

Heck yes! Campers are encouraged to bring their own equipment but we do provide sports equipment. Ability First is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

Is there a way to get a hold of my child during the week?

Yes, you can write to your child at:
Ability First Youth Sports Camp
Esken Hall Dormintory
or call and we can relay the message at:
or e-mail to:

My child has never stayed away from home. Have other campers experienced this?

Every year we get children that have never been away from home and through the friendships they make with other campers and counselors, by the second or third night the homesickness has faded.

Will my child have fun?

Of course!