Quad Rugby

While the names may sound similar, quad rugby is quite different from able-bodied rugby. The sport is played on a basketball court with a goal on either end, 4 players per team on the court at a time and use a volleyball. The goal is to get two out of 4 wheels across the goal line with the ball in hand, lap or any other means of controlled possession. Each team has 15 seconds to cross the half-court line and the ball must be dribbled or passed every 10 seconds.

Quad rugby was invented for quadriplegics, people that have paralysis in all four limbs, although not necessarily total paralysis. Players are rated on a scale between 0.5 (lowest functioning level) to 3.5 (highest functioning level) and a team can have a total of 8 classification points on the floor at a time. Quad rugby is an internationally recognized sport and is also part of the Paralympic Games.


For more info on all the rules, regulations and local teams, visit the official United States Quad Rugby Association webpage here: www.quadrugby.com

The Oscar nominated movie that launched Quad Rugby into mainstream America. Click here to view their site:www.murderballmovie.com